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Production in accordance with National and International Standards

We are ready with our high efficiency solar panels at the power you want and in the region you want.


Our Greenhouse Gas Management System Policy

Dumanoğlu Enerji Yatırım A.Ş., which carries out urban public transportation activities. Our policy as;

Determining the harm of greenhouse gas emissions to the environment, drawing attention to the role they play in climate change and the impact they have on the sector,

By controlling greenhouse gas emission sources, reducing its impact first on a local basis and then on a global level,

To take care to choose environmentally friendly, low carbon emission vehicles and equipment,

Developing projects for energy efficiency and prioritizing the use of renewable energy,

To comply with national and international legal regulations regarding greenhouse gas management,

To reduce damage to the environment by controlling activities that may cause greenhouse gas formation,

To reduce the energy and natural resource consumption of employees/suppliers and stakeholders through training to be organized within the scope of continuous improvement.