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Production in accordance with National and International Standards

We are ready with our high efficiency solar panels at the power you want and in the region you want.


Our Quality, Environment and OHS Policy

To fulfill our mission and achieve our vision, Dumanoğlu Enerji Yatırım A.Ş. As managers;

To work continuously on the safety of our employees and people, to prevent accidents by reducing risks,

To minimize risks by conducting risk analysis studies in terms of Environmental and Occupational Health,

To fulfill Environmental Legislation Compliance Obligations and Environmental Management System requirements,

To increase the competence, efficiency and motivation of our employees,

To be an institution that respects nature by using resources efficiently and reducing environmental impacts,

To continue all our activities in accordance with laws, legislation and business rules,

To be impartial and fair towards our customers and employees,

To stay true to our values,

Information, products and services produced through innovative activities; sharing on national and international platforms, taking active part in non-governmental organizations,

To provide training to all employees to ensure that they are aware of their individual responsibilities, and to increase the participation of our employees in decision-making processes,

To continuously improve the effectiveness and performance of our Integrated Management System,

Identifying risks and opportunities related to the context and objectives of the organization and preparing and implementing the necessary action plan,

We promise.