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Production in accordance with National and International Standards

We are ready with our high efficiency solar panels at the power you want and in the region you want.


Solar Tracking System

Turn your investments into profitability with Dumanoğlu Energy's innovative Solar Tracking Systems and start meeting tomorrow's energy needs today.

✅ High Efficiency: Achieve daily production of 5-6 hours on average, with up to 25% increase compared to fixed systems. This means up to 1800 hours of production annually! Increase your efficiency by maximizing the use of solar energy and maximize your income.

✅ Automatic Alignment: The system tracks the sun to ensure the panel maximizes sunlight utilization. It captures the sun's angle vertically during both summer and winter months, ensuring maximum performance at all times.

✅ Durability and Reliability: With a domestic design, hexagonal tube, and robust control systems, it provides higher resilience and reliability. It ensures safety by transitioning to a horizontal position during windy conditions and offers easy cleaning in case of snowfall.

✅ Environmental and Economic: It reduces energy costs with increased efficiency and energy production, contributing to sustainable energy by reducing carbon footprint. Illuminate the future with an environmentally friendly and economical solution.

✅ Flexible Design: Adapting to variable terrains, it enables up to 15-25% more energy production in different settlements and panel layouts. Optimize your energy with a flexible solution tailored to your needs.

✅ Reliability: With a central control unit and meteorological station, it protects panels during adverse weather conditions and reduces the risk of damage. Look confidently into the future with Dumanoğlu Energy's experience and assurance.

Solar Tracking System Solar Tracking System Solar Tracking System